Monday, January 19, 2009

Porsche 911 PDK

I think this is the most expensive car (a wallet-disintegrating RM854,000 ++) I've ever shot (considering the fact that I am completely oblivious to the pink Cadillac's worth). Not exactly the prettiest car around (I think it looks like a flattened VW Beetle) but nevertheless it's still pretty beyond what most cars (ubiquitous modified junk Proton/Peroduas) could ever hope to achieve. Why do I have so many parentheses? I don't know.

With Porsche's legendary boxter engine at the back, this baseline model has lots to offer despite it being at the bottom of the food chain. Not exactly a winner in neither the looks nor sound department, it is nevertheless a proven head turner as I've lost count of how many heads this car has managed to turn in just a few hours.

Was able to photograph the car while examining it's little intricate details (there is a sticker panel displaying the ideal tyre pressure for driving along with/without a passenger/luggage, sweet), fun. I didn't get to drive it, not fun.

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p/s: We used the Tiguan as a chase car. Interior shots coming soon in following entry.

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