Friday, March 26, 2010

Windows 7

Am finally running on Windows 7 after 2 years with that bastard child dreaded Vista. Customizing it to run properly on my XPS was quite a hassle but it's so rewarding now that everything's 99% compatible (unable to utilize some small hardware features but it doesn't matter). Just to highlight a few reasons why I am in love with Win7;

  • The speed of this thing is absolutely mindblasting. I knew "spec'ing up" my XPS would pay off someday.
  • Win7 will easily handle areas where Vista will just freak out and not do anything.
  • There are many small features that I absolutely adore; the system will automatically adjust the volume to my preferences when I plug in my earphones. Sweet.
  • Did I mention about the speed?
  • Cleaner interface; the taskbar's features are making my life so much easier.
  • Oh and not forgetting that mindblasting speed.

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