Saturday, March 06, 2010

Reasons to love the night 5 + bonus


Beforehand, I must remind you that this whole "bonus" thing is just a test-run. Was merely taking the opportunity to judge boring technical nerdy stuff such as the exposure, ISO and f-stop levels suitable for this shoot. The first attempt resulted in a huge co*k-up as you can see here. I tried a different orientation on my second attempt but the result was similarly disappointing. Eventually my third attempt was somewhat acceptable so that's the only one I'll properly publish in this entry. Sadly however, subsequent attempts were a huge failure due to a couple of technical difficulties.

Noise is a huge huge problem here. Due to the limited time I have with the camera, I am yet to effectively judge how long I can keep the exposure going before the camera introduces noise. But then again it's to be expected as I am working on a trial-and-error basis. More next time when I can find the spare time to further work on this.

p/s: editing on the 1st photo resulted in a very different look of the park at night but it was a highly destructive method. Probably my first and last attempt with this method. Hmm why am I being so technical in this entry?

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