Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This one won't squeak

For years I've been waiting for my Targus mouse to die so I can get my hands on (yes, literally) a new one. The Targus mouse, which came bundled with my laptop, was the epitome of useless as it hogged two of my laptop's USB ports and provided nothing more but sluggish and unpredictable movements. No right-thinking mouse in this world would hog two USB ports just to function normally. And not to mention, the wireless receiver looked somewhat like a swollen pe**s.

Forgive me for the quality of this shot. I was using the IXUS for this photo.

This one looks like a grey potato you've just sat on but apart from that, it's perfect. By far, I think it's the best thing I've ever laid my right hand on (for the over-imaginative few; head, gutter, out, thank you).


p/s: I don't usually do this whole embedding thing but this merits an exception; was going through one of my regular web haunts and i found Nuit Blanche. I love it.

There's also a making of, to double your pleasure

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