Friday, February 26, 2010


four legs + lots of fur + a bit of drool + even more fur = the most difficult thing to photograph.

Dear dog. My crotch =/= your bed.


So here I am with yet another one of my weekly conundrums; to 50mm f/1.8 or not? One thing that's frustrating me to no end is the fact that I am severely limited with what I can do and cannot do with photography. Despite my best efforts to negate the said limitations, the lack of equipment is one impossible factor to negate.

Every time my eyes come across an interesting subject or something that's worth photographing, I can't help but let out a depressing sigh knowing that this image has nowhere to go but to remain stuck in my memory. Conundrums like this makes my day a bit harder to live with. I believe an understated "meh" is in order.

p/s: this is neither a plea nor a subtle hint for a camera. I am merely frustrated with a f*ckload of things lately and I need to at least vent a little bit to scoop out some proverbial shit before it hits the fan.

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