Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last of 2009

There's this sense of renewed determination that comes with every passing year. A very faint determination which gestates from all the new year hype; eventually after a week or so it'll annoyingly dissipate. Every year I'll cling onto that said determination, hoping to obtain something out of it before it dies off. Makes me wonder what 2010 has in store for me. And I have to admit, I am somewhat excited.

I'd like you all to understand that this is not a declaration of renewed spirits but a measly attempt by yours truly to type out a decent entry (also to sneak in an update while I'm at it) whilst highlighting how monotonic I am and can be. Furthermore, I feel obligated to end this year with an entry that only a select few would actually bother reading (thanks for reading btw). Hence I consider this a job well done.

I have nothing left to say. I don't even have a photo to publish. But I do have some parting words; here's to 2010. Cheers.

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