Monday, November 09, 2009

Cauliflower Moment

Melaka was nice. Apart from the scorching weather and the slight neck ache I've acquired from from sleeping on the couch. It wasn't a very extravagant trip but it was nice to be somewhere else for a change. And not to mention, that little yellow box of half-dozen freshly baked Seremban siew pau is the bomb.


Reformatted my laptop about a week ago (after a whole year and a half of usage) and my goodness I actually forgot she's capable of such blistering performance. However, the moment I first ran my Windows Update, Vista just had to throw a total of 99 updates in one shot, resulting in a slight loss of performance. Nevertheless she's running as smooth as a baby's bum now. Yay.

p/s: title's an inside joke if you're wondering

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