Monday, September 14, 2009


I have a plethora of complaints for Melbourne. From the dry cold air to the price of every single darn thing up for sale; a decent cup of coffee would burn RM12 off my wallet and to think that I am used to paying RM1.50 for a cup, this is definitely recipe for a good old Malaysian outrage.

But I guess this is just me applying the Malaysian bitter sauce all over Melbourne. In fact, Melbourne is a great place to be if I were to look at it from a fresh and neutral perspective. Screw what I'm used to in Malaysia and most definitely screw the conversion rate, this place is awesome and I am saying this because of one simple reason; they have brilliant coffee. And I am not saying brilliant. What I mean to say is the coffee here are pinch-yourself-to make-sure-you-are-not-asleep brilliant.

Call me shallow or crazy but my first trip overseas had left me with a craving so bad, I have to either get myself a full-blown coffee machine or fly over for another cuppa joe. I guess it's the addictive mixture of honest coffee brewing plus the laid back atmosphere. It is simply unbeatable.

With that said, I have a feeling that I will be seeing Melbourne again sooner or later.


The photo above pretty much sums up my view on how I feel towards Melbourne. The coffee paired with my increasingly hectic student life was all that I had in mind. There are definitely more happenings in my life but these aren't what I'll be blogging about.

I will be quiet for a while, almost everything in my life is going wrong and I am still in the midst of finding the solution. Till then, cheers everyone.

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