Thursday, August 06, 2009


I have a confession to make. I have been very dishonest with some of you. But if you're reading this after being redirected from Nuffnang’s Innit then it only goes to prove that my dishonesty is working quite well I’m afraid. So yeah, I don’t have anything you initially thought I would have to offer but you’re most welcome to read on.

As I have mentioned previously, we (we as in, me, P and GM) were at KLIA to send Fei off. Rewind back a few months, she flew down for a brief holiday from her student life in Canada and now that her break’s over, she would be back in Canada for the next 3 years or so. Imagine 3 years of sans-nasi lemak diet. I happen to think it’s a cruel 3 years to live with. But anyway it’s not all that bad I’m sure, she’ll survive somehow.

And yes I was unanimously appointed as the ‘Official Farewell Photographer’ (Hence the title. Have I told you how shitty I am when it comes to titles?) for the day. Right, enough babbling, photo time.

Back in high school we were constantly touted as ‘the couple’ ever since the first time we met. We were even featured in a small parody in our school magazine no thanks to this certain artist in our class. But eventually and thankfully nothing happened between us and so here we are today, as genuine friends. And even I have to admit; not being able to see her for the next 3 years is quite a load to stomach. And I also happen to miss this certain pork who is happily porking away in Australia at the moment.

Well, I have nothing left to say but all the best to you, Fei.


p/s: blogging is becoming quite a challenge for me. I guess it’s not that easy to balance between working, studying and blogging (talk as if blogging damn susah wtf). And lastly, work has made me appreciate my weekends like never before wtf.

p/p/s: am not that pathetic to only have a total of 3 photos. Considering GM's speed, I'm sure the rest would be uploaded in Facebook in no time.

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