Sunday, July 12, 2009

July has been alright

Relaxing, I can has it (had too much lolcat for one night). I don't know why but Honey loves lying down like that. Speaking of which, I'll try to get a photo of her sleeping on her back. Major cuteness.


My first week at work was quite steady I’d say. The environment's great*, the people there are great and the food's cheap (albeit the food court’s less than stellar condition). Training has been a real bore though (photo above explains it all, go figure). Our training is ending real soon and we'll be thrown right into the 'arm-pits of doom' but heck it is still way better than being bored, bring it on.

Moving on to the least appreciated side of my work, the parking and the travelling part isn’t as great as the parking’s horribly difficult and expensive while the traffic around the area is equally horrible as well. I guess one can’t have too many plus points in one go. Well I guess that's all the updates I have, we shall see how the rest of the month goes.

*p/s - ah yes, the environment, my workplace is one of a kind as the whole interior is painted with colours which resemble a kindergarten or some day care centre. I had the confusion of my life when I first went into the office (considering the bland greyness of my previous workplace). But it was a welcoming sight nonetheless.

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