Saturday, July 04, 2009


As promised, here's a photo of pooch #2; Honey the Schnauzer. She doesn't look much like a Schnauzer but I promise she is as Schnauzer-y as she can get (according to what my girl says). Every time I come across the ubiquitous line, "honey I'm home", I can only imagine being greeted by this little one. It should be a federal offence to not fall for such adorableness.

I have to admit that this photo is laden with some major distracting elements but I also like how The Curly One blends into the much "distracting" background. What say you?


On another note, my McAfee SecurityCenter is expiring really soon and the reminders are horrifyingly disturbing as they tend to pop out almost every hour or so. And I expect the reminders to be even more annoying after the expiry date. Will be switching to Kaspersky soon (just as a precaution; a Windows OS without a proper antivirus is like wearing a skirt without an underwear beneath it) and ultimately, a Mac by the end of this year. All fingers crossed.

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