Saturday, June 06, 2009

Mmm sugar

Equipment: EOS 5D MkI, EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L, Speedlite 580EX and last but not least, my Nokia armed with Python for S60 (more on this later).

I'm writing this with obscenely high sugar levels in my system and I have a feeling it's going to be a loooooooong night. What better way to kill the night than to sit here and type and type and type gibberish. Ok that killed 23 seconds. What now?

Anyway moving on, this is not how you do proper food photography. My results aren't exactly satisfying but I don't have much of a choice anyway as I had to return the 5D in due time. Additionally, my lack of tripod is an even bigger bit*h than I've previously thought. So the lack of time and tripod both adds up to these;

Kinder Bueno by Ferrero. Smooth nutty cream filling in crispy wafers coated with milk chocolate. Was nuts for these ever since I was a kid. Can finish a whole pack in seconds. Proper proper awesome this is (yes, you have no frigging idea where Kinder Boenos stand in my Awesome Chart).

I see so many faults with this shot. Like how the front M&M's are blurred out and how the red M&M somewhere in middle is deformed and how the M&M's are not smooth enough and how the M&M's are not shiny enough and the way they taste....mmm M&M's

Oreos with milk, lots and lots of milk = yet another childhood craze.

Anyway notice the background. It's actually my N95. Used some Python for S60 thingamajig to make the whole screen go white. Stupid programme it is as the screen goes dark after being idle for a few moments. Hence, brownie points goes to a similar programme found in the iPhone as the iPhone is brighter and the screen doesn't go off till the battery's flat (hate it when iPhone wins).

p/s: would be great if I could have more time with the 5D *sigh* :( *munches on remaining Kinder Bueno to soothe my aching soul*

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