Saturday, June 27, 2009

Megan Fox-ified

This is the main reason why my money goes to Starbucks. Mmmmm caffeine and theanine...

On to more recent stuff; am back from watching Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen and I have to say, it was superbly awesome. However, as a proud member of the nitpicking society, I happen to think the title is rubbish. My next few lines might contain spoilers so you've been warned.

You see, the "Revenge Of The Fallen" doesn't go with the whole story at all considering that the Fallen only had a short screen-time and he wasn't even a key character to begin with (the whole storyline can work with or without him). Not to mention, The Fallen fell yet again at the end of the movie (just in case you didn't catch that, he died). And that's hardly a revenge by any standards. Perhaps, "Failed Revenge Of The Fallen" or "Megan Fox Is The Bomb" would be more befitting, no?

p/s: it's astonishing how much publicity can be garnered from a celebrity's death. remember how Heath Ledger's death gave Batman that extra bit of publicity? mind you, that's the kind of publicity movie makers can't buy. anyway, R.I.P. MJ

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