Saturday, May 30, 2009


Note: photo was taken using Lee Quin's camera.

The Redang trip was great (despite a few minor grievances). However, there are no photos as I didn't bring along a camera. The plan was to go on a vacation, not lug around some sh*t expensive (and not to mention, dead heavy) camera and babysit it throughout the trip.

Here are the highlights from my Redang trip composed by yours truly;

  • Anyone familiar with the likes of ostentatious rainbow leggings and F.I.R. would undoubtedly enjoy the "open air seafood disco" at Long Beach. Endless loop of China songs and a China DJ for you to dance your night away. Epic fail. On a related note, have a gander at this Friendster club. Oh the irony.
  • Saw a couple of turtles, a butt-ugly moray eel and a shark while snorkeling in the clear blue ocean. Proper awesome.
  • For the first time in my life, I was well acquainted with seasickness. Though I'm not the biggest loser in the group. Honestly it was a bad bad decision on my part to down 4 half boiled eggs right before a snorkeling trip.
  • The ocean's absurdly clear. Can even see my toes even when the water level is up to my neck. Definitely a new experience from the usual "teh tarik" Port Dickson and Penang waters. More proper awesomes.
  • And finally, sunburn on your back can be real nasty especially if you have wonderful friends who suddenly discovers their love for patting your back. My back's burnt to a crisp and I an now an Indian according to this loser.

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