Thursday, May 14, 2009

Post-exams 1

A bunch of us had sushi at 1 Utama's Sushi Zanmai after our final paper. It wasn't a big group but we were out in a group nontheless (not easy to get most of my classmates in a group, you see) and oh it was refreshing to finally be able to have proper fun now that the exams are over for us.

Camera: N95. Warning, more iPhone bashing ahead; can your iPhone capture macro shots like my N95 can? Nope didn't think so

I still think the Sushi Zanmai in the Gardens is the best, in terms of my "reasonable sushi standards" of course, as they have better ambience and plates (not joking, look at that miserable plain white plate above) at The Gardens. However, no franchise can beat the likes of Hajime and sorts.

Now that our exams are over, started lah all the stupidity. Here's one for a prologue.

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