Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday night/Monday morning

Sammy's back. Even Syafiq was back for the weekend. I knew Sammy since my form 6 days while Syafiq's a dinasour dating back all the way to form 1. I feel lucky to think that I have such great friends. Anyway, drove them all the way to Solaris hoping to find a spot for a good early morning cuppa (it was midnight, you see).

But no, we were reduced to going back to SS2 for Murni's. But it was still a great morning nevertheless. Not to mention, at least the view from Solaris was nice.

You can actually see Genting Highlands right at the back. It was very visible that night; guess it wasn't too foggy up there. I sense another driving session all the way up. Soon I guess, real soon.

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