Saturday, March 28, 2009

The habit

I have a strangely fashionable (but potentially destructive) habit when it comes to the car I'm driving. Well basically the whole thing is that the car must be as spotless as possible (one of my OCD la). Just today, it took me 3 hours to wash, polish and wax just half my car. Yes, just half; the whole front and the whole right side of it.

3 whole hours just for merely half a car. Worse still, I haven't even touched the wheels yet. With that said, cleaning the whole car would take the whole blasted day. And that's excluding the interior, and the engine bay (for the record, I do clean the engine bay once in a blue moon). Scary. I digress.

Time is one factor. But don't get me started on how this habit is capable of burning up my whole wallet.

But with this kind of gloss, the reflections alone kind of gives the 3 hours spent at least some extenuating justification.

And now it's raining all over my freshly half-washed car. Bah.

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