Thursday, February 12, 2009


Interestingly, I have always harboured an intention to develope a certain "style" with my photographs. I am pretty confident with my post-processing as it seems to have a consistent method to it, but the same can't be said for my composition as they're all as consistent as the weekly contents in the dustbin outside of my house.

Hence I shall start developing some consistency. I've first experimented with the Tiguan and the Porsche's interior and I have to say, it's going quite well (I'm being optimistic here, results aren't that nice). But anyway, here are my results.

Do pay little attention to the imperfections on the doors. I suppose they're inflicted by some careless arms of them test drivers. 2 cars, 2 doors, 1 style. How's this for consistent?


On an unrelated note;

There are many things that can be considered as ‘wrong’ in this world. Like wearing a long-sleeved shirt tucked into a pair of Bermuda is wrong, sending a text message saying “bed me” instead of “add me” (I blame my T9) is very wrong, and casually staring at me in the male locker room is very very wrong.

To the dude in the male locker room, you've managed to creep the bejesus out of me. Why don't you go eye something more worthwhile, like a water dispenser for example?

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