Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bangsar Night

Location was at the roundabout near Lucky Garden. The trees were bathed with light from nearby street lamps. Oh how gorgeous they were. All of these photos weren't shot with long shutter but instead, shot with high ISO setting and maximum aperture opening. I wanted my results to be sharp, you see.

Was also experimenting with lens flare that night with a Canon 24-105mm f4L IS mounted on a 5D body, resulting in surprisingly salient lens flares I'd say. From what I can tell, it's a proper good lens if you want some lens flare on your photos. However, it was annoyingly difficult to nail the correct angle as only 10% of my shots were acceptable. What you see is only 4% of the amount I've taken that night.

Here are my final results.

Interestingly, on that night I came across something you wouldn't encounter on a common basis. It was a swarm of bugs (apologies, I don't know the name of the bug) fluttering around a street lamp. Unfortunately, some of them dispersed by the time I'm done with the camera settings. The swarm was much bigger than what you see here, I swear.

p/s: I am very very indecisive as to how much I should resize my photos as this layout isn't exactly what I'd call 'designed for vertical shots'. Much annoying. Anyway, Porsche interior photos up next. Sorry for the messed up sequence.

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