Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Am barely alive safely back from Penang with all my limbs still attached, and I have only one remark; Penang drivers are either 24-7 drunk, has balls of titanium (not too sure about the women drivers though) or they all sat for their driving classes in India. Driving in Penang is not for the faint hearted I assure you.

Now as for my usual round of photos, I didn't want to burden myself by lugging a bulky camera all over my vacation, hence I'd like to inform everyone that I don't have any Penang photos. My apologies for being this lazy but do understand that having a DSLR sans-vacation is stressful enough as it is. But if you die die also want to see photos, you can check them out at John's Facebook page.

Am currently having a whole backlog of photos waiting for me to get the hammer down. It's going to take a while to sort everything out considering my overall workload but I'll start off by posting up my VW Tiguan photos next. And after that, Porsche photos shall come after the Tiguan.

Last but not least here's a photo I've left out from my recent Genting stint. I like how candid this photo turned out (apart from the two posers in the middle) despite the horrible flash cut-off below everyone's waist area. It's definitely a memorable night out with them I'd say.

p/s: to aunty Sam, my apologies for being so useless on that unlucky night :(

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