Saturday, January 03, 2009

More width

Things have been "so far so good". 2009 has been slow but I'm sure the pace will quicken up sooner or later considering the fact that I only have two days left of my semester break. My class resumes on tuesday sans-tutorials for the first two weeks, which is very pleasant news for most of us HELP law students I'm sure.

I have been contemplating on increasing my blog content area's width for quite some time now. Today I've added an extra 200 pixels hence any photos published by me will hereafter be at approximately 800 pixels wide. To show you what's what, here are 2 photos from my previous Genting escapade.

Fog = good. More fog = more good.

This blog is turning into one of those ubiquitous photo blogs; which is a good thing really as I've always wanted a blog like this. Anyways I am considering on posting up my Porsche and Tiguan photos soon as they've been rotting in my hard drive for so darn long and my oh my are they overdue.

We'll see how things go from here. Cheers everyone.

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