Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I have to admit, I’ve grown tired of photography. All the photos I’ve been taking lately feel like they’re a product of globalization and commercialization – the killer of childhood dreams. Okay maybe not globalization and commercialization but they don’t really give me the ‘feel’ anymore. This is hard to explain so I’ll leave you with the word ‘hebetudinous’ in hopes that you can understand me better than me explaining to you with this load of text on my blog.

Photography feels so vapid at the moment. Maybe this is the start of my gradual decline down Insanity Avenue where I burn my laptop and claim that I can complete my assignments with some coal and a kettle. I would like to see the face on my lecturer when he hears this. Maybe he’ll give me an award of sorts? You never know.

Anyway I’ll sign off with a ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ wish to all readers. Be safe and don’t run into cement mixers and shit. This message should be taken seriously if you go by the name of Broccoli C.


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