Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New year's eve

I've seen many jokes in my life but this is up there.

On another note, I've done many things in my life but this is up there as well. I'll think of a way to embed it onto my blog when I have more free time to burn.

Won't be updating anytime soon as I'm bogged down at the moment. Am planning a mini getaway this weekend and hopefully I can get a camera to accompany me. So no more updates for this week. We'll see about next week.

p/s: I swear I was THIS close to buying myself a lehpit and I'd like to formally blame Soo Xingyi for all my lehpit woes and the psychological harm caused hereinafter.

p/p/s: does the fact that I am using "lehpit" instead of "rabbit" tells you how much this is affecting me??

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