Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life's hectic. Revisions aplenty. Workload piling. Card reader being anything but helpful. All of these are contributing factors to the lack of updates on my blog. Hence I'd like to say it is not my fault for the lack of updates. Please pick one of the excuses aforementioned for the blaming. Thank you.

Just wanted to throw in a mini update and share this epic line from one of my university friends. This was during a conversation regarding our less than satisfactory productivity levels (in relation to studies, just so you'd know).

"no la, i'm productive at night"

"wait, that sounds wrong"

Yes, now we all know that I have friends who are more productive at night. But then again, I have to admit that I work better at night which also makes me a productive creature at night. I guess it's the temperature. Wonder how some can stay productive in the blistering Malaysian heat.

Just in case you people have forgotten how I look like. That's Pauline by the way. Photo was taken during the first few minutes of 2009 (was @ the countdown in Sunway Pyramid) & credits goes to Mr John Foo who is stuck somewhere in Australia.

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